Veterinarian Programs

Animalbiome is committed to helping you provide better outcomes for your patients through professional grade microbiome testing, gut restoration, and gut maintenance products. We provide all registered veterinarians with access to our microbiome research library and treatment codes. Our gold and platinum veterinarians have access to a dedicated sales consultant tasked with helping improve patient outcomes and clinic revenue through sales of AnimalBiome microbiome veterinary products.

How It Works


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*All accounts start in the Silver tier and get promoted to Gold or Platinum tiers according to quarterly performance. To immediately gain Gold or Platinum membership, the account holder must purchase a Gold or Platinum starter bundle.

A Program That’s Right For Your Practice

All veterinarians who were customers of AnimalBiome prior to December 31, 2021 will have Silver level privileges with 40% wholesale discount until December 31, 2023.

Join One of Our Programs Today And Get Access To These Perks*

Treatment Codes

Our treatment codes are developed by a team of experts and will guide you through the process of incorporating AnimalBiome products into your daily practice.

Microbiome Research Library

We have a collection of microbiome research articles, studies, and papers for those who want to dive deep into the science behind our approach and products.

Wholesale Pricing

Our wholesale discounts on test kits range from 30-40% for Silver, 35 - 45% for Gold, and 40 - 50% for Platinum tiers depending on order quantity.

All other products start at 30% for Silver, 35% for Gold, and 40% for Platinum tiers.

See the full pricing list here.

Free Marketing Platform (Promoboxx)

All members have access to Promoboxx, a turn-key one-click marketing platform.

Net 30 Day Purchase Terms

Gold and Platinum veterinarians have up to 30 days to pay for orders.

Price Protection

We offer price protection to Gold and Platinum members.

Co-op Marketing Allowance

As an extension to our Promoboxx service, Gold and Platinum members have access to a co-op marketing allowance equivalent to 5% of total sales per month for Gold members and 10% of total sales per month for Platinum members.

This allowance is used for paid advertising to boost brand awareness for your practice and AnimalBiome products.

Co-branded Patient Handouts

Gold and Platinum members can educate their patients about our products while they build brand awareness for their practices with our co-branded handouts.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Gold and Platinum members have access to a dedicated customer success manager—at no extra cost. We understand that veterinarians are business owners and we want to support their practices the best we can.

Paid AnimalBiome Research Studies

As a leader in pet microbiome research, AnimalBiome conducts studies to better understand how cat and dog microbiomes respond to different foods, treats and supplements. Platinum members are eligible to participate in AnimalBiome's paid research studies.


Platinum members will have access to our Annual "State of the Gut" report in December 2022 and free admission to AnimalBiome's annual conferences (coming soon).

*Note that some perks are only available to veterinarians in Gold or Platinum tiers.

Want To Learn More?

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