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Profit from the 1:1 tailored training and education opportunities we provide.

Speak with one of our veterinary professionals allowing us to best understand and match your team’s needs with our education offerings: 15 min Introduction to microbiome medicine.



Purchase Test-Relieve-Restore products

Use ABV products and Integrate microbiome medicine into your practice. Gold and Platinum individualized packages available upon request.

*All accounts are automatically placed in the Silver tier. Gold or Platinum tier promotions are assessed according to quarterly purchasing performance.

Want to start as a Gold or Platinum Tier partner?

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Part of a veterinary corporation?

We partner with multiple veterinary corporations which positively influences your practice partnership.

Become a Veterinary Partner Today And Get Access To These Perks*

Microbiome Research Library

We have a collection of microbiome research articles, studies, and papers for those who want to dive deep into the science behind our approach and products.

Customer Care Service

Dedicated email and toll-free phone line supporting your team’s queries.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Gold and Platinum members have complimentary access to an experienced sales veterinary consultant. Understanding the business aspect, we want to improve your practice profitability.

Product Guide (coming soon)

An in-depth case-use based live virtual guide of our products and services.

AnimalBiome Vet Academy + Monthly Microbiome Webinars

Video tutorials and courses that will cover: pertinent peer-reviewed research, efficacy studies. Learn from our current veterinary practitioners and improve microbiome medicine integrating into your practice.

Wholesale Pricing

Our wholesale discounts allow veterinarians to improve patient outcomes while improving profitability. Our wholesale discounts increase based on the program tier level.

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Volume Discounts

Purchase Test or Relief products in bulk to benefit from additional savings to increase profitability

AnimalBiome Vet-RX

Virtually prescribe AnimalBiome products to your clients and we will ship them straight to their door.

Vet-RX Rebate Program

Utilize this platform to improve practice profitability.

1:1 Veterinary Microbiome Consultations

Review your patient’s recent test report with one of our veterinarian professionals.

Net 30 Day Purchase Terms

Gold and Platinum veterinarians have the opportunity to apply for up to 30 days to pay for orders.

Price Protection

We offer price protection to Gold and Platinum members.

Veterinary Corporation Benefits

We offer special terms to select corporate partners.

Paid AnimalBiome Research Studies

As a leader in pet microbiome research, AnimalBiome conducts studies to better understand how cat and dog microbiomes respond to different foods, treats and supplements. Platinum members are eligible to participate in AnimalBiome's paid research studies.

*Some perks are only available to veterinarians in Gold or Platinum tiers. See below for further details.

Choose A Veterinary Partner Program That’s Right For Your Practice

Want To Learn More?

AnimalBiome Veterinary has multiple ways to support your team to better understand how to incorporate microbiome medicine into your practice and improve patient outcomes. Book a Lunch & Learn with our customer success team.