Our Partners

Strategic Partners

Cargill, Incorporated's team of over 155,000 professionals in 70 countries connects farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive. Cargill is a minority investor in AnimalBiome and strategic research partner in the development of the next generation of probiotics to improve the health of companion animals.

Orion is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Since 2019, AnimalBiome and Orion have collaborated on several microbiome studies including a clinical trial with the University of Helsinki investigating the use of fecal transplants in dogs with chronic enteropathy to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Founded more than 75 years ago with an unwavering commitment to pet nutrition, Hill’s mission is to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets. Hills and AnimalBiome collaborate to understand the effect of food on the microbiome of cats and dogs suffering from digestive disorders.

Morris Animal Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit animal health research organizations in the world funding more than $138 million in studies across a broad range of species. AnimalBiome will process stool samples from the Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to better understand the relationship between dog microbiomes and cancer, as well as other health outcomes.

Research Partners

Since 2015, AnimalBiome has conducted over 20 studies exploring the role of the gut and oral microbiome in the health of companion animals (cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, and rabbits). Below is a selection of entities AnimalBiome has collaborated with over the years.

Latest Company News

August 28, 2018, SF Business Times

A handful of companies have focused over the past decade on humans' gut microbiome, where a balance of bacteria keep us healthy. Now AnimalBiome of Oakland is applying its learnings in cats and dogs.