Meet the Team

Founded in 2016 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, AnimalBiome was started with a simple goal of helping cats and dogs feel better by using science to unlock the mysteries of the pet gut microbiome. AnimalBiome Veterinary provides microbiome-based products and services to help veterinarians address chronic health conditions related to imbalances in the gut microbiome. We developed the world’s first microbiome testing service for cats and dogs using genetic sequencing to characterize the microbiome of individual pets. Our tests allow veterinarians and pet parents to make personalized changes in diet, including prebiotics and macronutrient ratios, to promote a more balanced composition of gut and oral bacteria. AnimalBiome has also developed a suite of microbiome restoration and maintenance supplements designed to address the microbiome imbalances associated with digestive and skin conditions. AnimalBiome was also the first company to enable veterinarians to deliver fecal transplants with material rigorously screened for pathogens, parasites, and microbiome composition. AnimalBiome is a privately-held company based in Oakland, CA that was started in 2016 by researchers at the University of California, Davis and University of California, Berkeley.

Holly Ganz, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder

Carlton Osborne

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Robert Netter, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

Brandon Burch

Director, AnimalBiome Veterinary

Tonya Cooksey, DVM

Director of Veterinary Relations

Jasey Day, CPA, CMA

VP of Finance

Niokhor Dione, DVM, MSc, PhD

Senior Director of Microbial Discovery

Jess Jarett, PhD

Director of Research

Sam Maliska

Director of Product Management

Alex Martin

Chief of Staff

Toni Mikulka-Chang

Director of Marketing

Connie Rojas, PhD

Sr Scientist - Computational Biology

MJ Seminoff

Director of Operations

Ryan Andorka

Operations Technician

Nancy Alvarado

Laboratory Technician

Zara Marfori

Laboratory Technician

Alana Armas

Accounting Manager

Deb Bryant

Customer Care Specialist

Jennifer Catlett


Rocio Clara

Associate Product Manager

Isaac Corral

Laboratory Technician

Katie Dahlhausen, PhD

SEO Content Lead & Science Writer

Sam Darmancev

Corporate Accountant

Zhandra Entrolezo

Molecular Laboratory Manager

Lizzie Fiepke

Laboratory Technician

Mateo Franco

Operations Technician

Jennie Ganz

Customer Care Representative

Guillaume Jospin, MSc


Omar Hurtado Medellin

Laboratory Technician

Novia Kayfetz-Vuong

Laboratory Technician

Katherine Kirk

Laboratory Technician

Siyi Liang

Laboratory Technician

Dolly Lin

E-Commerce UX/UI Lead

Emma Litman

Customer Care Specialist

Victor Magdaleno-Garcia

Laboratory Technician

Alma Manriquez

Laboratory Technician

Beth Marty, LVT

Animal Care Specialist

Karla Matthews

Lead Brand Designer

Glen Netter

Affiliate & Wholesale Marketing Associate

Becky Oliver

Production Laboratory Manager

Saranie Pangus

Laboratory Technician

Carly Pomeroy

Laboratory Technician

Syd Redner

Laboratory Technician

Daan Reyes Aranda

Laboratory Technician

Rebecca Rocha, LVT

Animal Care Specialist

Robin Saar

Veterinary Onboarding Specialist

Kaira Santos

Lead UX Designer

Elisa Scarsella, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Emily Jo Shepherd

Operations Assistant II

Sandy Shipp

Manager of Customer Service

Becky Smith, BS, LVMT, VTS (ECC)

FMT Clinical Outreach Associate

Melissa Spanton

Laboratory Technician

Ruchita Uttarwar

Laboratory Scientist

Mikael Verstegen

E-Commerce Specialist

Joy Vongchareun

Operations Assistant III

Danny Watson

Operations Assistant III

Nigeria Williams

Operations Assistant III

Katie Woods

Laboratory Technician

Mindi Wrightson

AnimalCare Specialist