Meet the Team

AnimalBiome provides microbiome-based products and services to help veterinarians address chronic health conditions related to imbalances in the gut microbiome. We developed the world’s first microbiome testing service for cats and dogs using genetic sequencing to characterize the microbiome of individual pets. Our tests allow veterinarians and pet parents to make personalized changes in diet, including prebiotics and macronutrient ratios, to promote a more balanced composition of gut and oral bacteria. AnimalBiome has also developed a suite of microbiome restoration and maintenance supplements designed to address the microbiome imbalances associated with digestive and skin conditions. AnimalBiome was also the first company to enable veterinarians to deliver fecal transplants with material rigorously screened for pathogens, parasites, and microbiome composition. AnimalBiome is a privately-held company based in Oakland, CA that was started in 2016 by researchers at the University of California, Davis and University of California, Berkeley.

Get to Know Us

Holly Ganz, PhD

Chief Science Officer, Co-Founder

About Holly

Holly received her PhD from the UC Davis, a MS from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego and a BS from George Washington University. She has studied the interaction between microbes and their hosts for over 20 years. When she's not studying the microbiomes of pets and wild life, Holly can be found roaming the East Bay hillsides with Carlton and their rescued herding dogs, Charlie and Darwin.

Carlton Osborne

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

About Carlton

Carlton received his JD from Stanford Law School and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. He left the practice of law over 15 years ago and had a variety of general management and business development roles, including the founding of a venture backed SaaS start-up. After supporting AnimalBiome from the background since its inception, Carlton joined the team full-time in November, 2018. Carlton also roams the East Bay hillsides with Holly, Charlie, and Darwin.

Alex Martin

Director of Animal Care, Co-Founder

About Alex

Alex received her BA from the University of California, Berkeley. After 1,000s of hours of veterinary tech and volunteer work, Alex was set on becoming a DVM. Instead, her research with Holly turned into a start-up and she hasn't looked back. Alex shares her home --and office-- with her chihuahua mix, Noodle, who works tirelessly as the Chief Sniffing Officer at AnimalBiome.

Dawn Kingsbury, DVM, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM)

Chief Veterinary Officer

About Dawn

Dawn received her DVM from NCSU, practiced small animal medicine with a focus on internal medicine for >10 years before completing a PhD at UCD in Integrative Pathobiology in 2015, where she studied the molecular biology of Salmonella infections in the GI tract.

Robert Netter, Jr.

Chief Financial Officer

About Bob

Bob Netter brings more than 40 years of executive-level financial experience from companies that span a variety of manufacturing industries and markets, including semiconductors, electronics, chemicals and professional/consumer audio. Bob is a licensed CPA and a former licensed FINRA Registered Representative; he received a BA in Accounting from Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY.

Niokhor Dione, DVM, MSc, PhD

Senior Director of Microbial Discovery

About Niokhor

Coming soon.

Dave Knoepfle

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer

About Dave

Coming soon.

Holly Simon, PhD

Director, Vet Solutions & Education

About Holly

Holly received her PhD in Bacteriology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for research on the opportunistic pathogen, Klebsiella pneumoniae. As a faculty member at Oregon Health & Science University, her 15-year research program focused on environmental and mammalian microbiomes. Also involved in research at AnimalBiome, Holly provides veterinarians with information for the successful integratation of microbiome health into their practices. When not working, she competes enthusiastically in a variety of canine dogs sports with Qesh, Tally and Vivi - her happy and accomplished Rhodesian Ridgeback trio.

Glen Netter

Veterinary Sales & Marketing Representative

About Glen

Glen brings 17 years of sales experience in a variety of industries including mortgages and property & casualty insurance. With his passion in creating events, he has become our Events & Project Coordinator. Glen attended University of Arizona, where he graduated with two degrees in Marketing as well as Finance in May 2001. Glen has had a lifelong love for dogs even though he is allergic.

Jess Jarett, PhD

Computational Biologist

About Jess

Jess received her PhD in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire, and completed postdoctoral research on microbial genomics at the DOE Joint Genome Institute. She enjoys designing and analyzing research studies to answer questions about pet health with microbiome data, and sharing AnimalBiome’s industry-leading science at conferences and in scientific articles. Jess is also a cat lover and volunteers as an adoption counselor for a local cat shelter.

Guillaume Jospin


About Guillaume

Guillaume earned a Masters from the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France and BS from UC Santa Cruz, CA, USA. He has more than 10 years of experience developing and using bioinformatics tools to process and analyze genomic data in a cutting edge research laboratory at UC Davis. Guillaume is an expert in Next Gen Sequencing techonologies and is helping AnimalBiome explore and apply new scientific advances to pet care.

Zhandra Entrolezo

Molecular Laboratory Manager

About Zhandra

Zhandra received her BA in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Davis and joined the AnimalBiome team in 2017 both eager to be part of the innovative science while making a direct impact in the well-being of pets’ lives. She is a lifelong animal lover with a soft spot for felines, and hopes to be a cat mom soon. In the meantime, she keeps company with the cats in her neighborhood who are just as mischievous as they are affectionate.

MJ Seminoff

Operations Manager

About MJ

MJ has been with AnimalBiome since the founding in 2016. Having worked with Holly at UC Davis, she has watched the vision of AnimalBiome grow from research to reality. She is part of a family of animal lovers and enjoys her time with all their rescue dogs: Roxy, Link, Zelda, and Holly!

Syd Redner

Laboratory Technician

About Syd

Syd received their BS from the University of California, Davis. An avid dog-lover, they hope to adopt a furry friend of their own one day, and have diligently befriended all of the AnimalBiome office dogs in the interim.

Becky Oliver

Animal Care Specialist

About Becky

Becky has been long involved in the animal industry, whether it be agricultural, domestic or even wild. She had worked for 5 years previously as a veterinary technician before joing the Animalbiome team. Becky spend much of her free time basking in the glow of her house plants, or enjoying a muddy hike with her pup Ladybird.

Heather Ginochio

Animal Care Specialist

About Heather

Heather received her Bachelors of Science in Biology at CSU Monterey Bay. Animals have always been her passion and she has worked in the veterinary field as a technician for over 15 years. In 2019, she decided that she would like to help animals in a different capacity and started as an Animal Care Specialist at AnimalBiome. In her spare time, she is likely at an AKC dog show with her Pekingese.

Bryan Ramirez

Fields Trials Coordinator

About Bryan

Bryan earned his Bachelors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He loves all animals and adopted two bonded kittens from the East Bay Animal Shelter.

Sam Maliska

Director of Product

About Sam

Coming soon.

Dolly Lin

Content & UX Designer

About Dolly

Coming Soon

Jana Botelho

Director of Content Marketing

About Jana

Jana received her BA degree from California State University, East Bay. Her background includes over 13 years of integrated consumer marketing experience at top advertising/creative agencies. Jana has been with AnimalBiome since 2017 and is happy to be part of a company that’s making a difference in the lives of pets. An avid animal lover with a special fondness for cats, she was chosen by a local stray kitty called “Diva,” who graces Jana with her presence each day.