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The Three-Step Gut Microbiome Restorative Process

Day 1

15-day report turnaround time

Detect bacterial imbalances

Identify pathogenic and missing common bacteria

Receive insights based upon patient microbiome profile

Complimentary 1:1 veterinarian-led consults

Identifies a healthy baseline for symptom-free patients

Day 1-15

Target GI & derm conditions using microbiome medicine

Improve clinical symptoms within 24-48 hours

FMT enema available for faster resolution of symptoms

Maintain gut flora while decreasing pathogenic bacteria

Synbiotics + postbiotics to support gut health

Day 15 and on

Address common types of dysbiosis based on patient microbiome profile

Restore beneficial bacteria

Reduce pathogenic bacteria

Rebalance bacterial populations

Offer targeted microbiome support

Research Highlights

Efficacy Study: Gut Restoration Supplement (FMT Capsules) For Treating IBD Cases

Use of Gut Restore FMT Capsules on 72 cats and 40 dogs diagnosed (via ultrasound, endoscopy, or biopsy) or suspected inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) demonstrated positive results. A single 25-day course of 50 capsules of the FMT capsules led to 80% (32/40) dogs and 83% (60/72) cats with improvements in clinical signs associated with IBD.

SmartBrief. (2019). THE PROMISE OF FECAL TRANSPLANTS: A microbiome solution for veterinary practitioners [White paper]. AnimalBiome.

FMT Capsules For Treating Canine Atopic Dermatitis

Given the role of the interaction between gut microbiome with dermatological diseases, namely “gut-skin axis”, this study proved that gut restoration should alleviate canine atopic dermatitis (CAD).

A 4 week, open-label, non-controlled case series involved 8 -owned dogs with CAD which had received no previous treatment. All cases were monitored for 18 months after completion of treatment in which no recurrence of CAD was observed.

The study supports a potential benefit of FMT capsule treatment against CAD. This safe and tolerant treatment modality directed against CAD shifted the gut microbiome composition towards a healthy state for all 8 dogs enrolled.

URAL, K. (2021). Fecal microbiota transplantation capsule therapy via oral route for combatting atopic dermatitis in dogs. Ankara Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi.

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