Oral Microbiome Health Test Usage Instructions

For Dogs

AnimalBiome Veterinary Oral Microbiome Health Tests are sold by veterinarians to analyze the bacteria in your dog’s mouth and assess their oral health. Each test contains all the supplies needed to collect and mail in your sample.

Product Overview

Our Oral Microbiome Health Test analyzes the bacteria in the dog’s mouth to assess their oral health. Poor oral health can cause bad breath, gum disease, tooth loss, and other health issues.

Testing Instructions

Collect samples first thing in the morning, before your dog has anything to eat. In order to collect your dog’s sample, you will need the contents of the test kit box.


Put on the gloves; then, uncap the tube.


Open the tube containing a sterile swab. Find your dog’s gumline—this is where the teeth and gums meet.


Brush the swab along the entire outer top portion of the gumline. Then, brush along the entire outer bottom portion of the gumline. Swab back and forth along the entire outer gumline for 60 seconds.


Place the swab back into the tube and securely cap it. Then place the tube into the return mailer and promptly mail it back to AnimalBiome.


Notify your veterinarian once the test has been completed and provide them with the sample ID.


Veterinarians must create an account and complete the dog’s profile in the Patient Portal. Then, select “Register Sample” at the top of the page. Enter the six-character ID code listed on the sample tube.

In order for our scientists to complete the analysis, you must register your sample.

Once we receive your dog’s sample, we will send your veterinarian a confirmation email. You will receive your results two to four weeks after your sample arrives at the AnimalBiome lab. Review it with your veterinarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to collect a sample from my dog? 

The best time to collect a sample is first thing in the morning, before feeding your dog. Food particles can contaminate the sample and make the results less accurate.

What if I can’t swab my dog’s mouth for 60 seconds?

It’s important to swab your dog’s mouth for at least 15 seconds, but the closer to 60 seconds, the better! Be sure to go across both the upper and lower gumlines.

Should I send the initial sample to AnimalBiome Veterinary promptly after collection?

Yes, please return the sample promptly after collection, using the provided mailer.

How do I register my sample?

1. Go to app.animalbiome.com to create an account, and complete your dog’s Pet Profile.

2. Then, select “Register Sample” at the top of the page. Enter the six-character ID code listed on the front of this guide.

Please note that your sample must be registered in order for our scientists to complete the analysis.

Questions about this product? Contact your veterinarian.